Attachment in Psychotherapy
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Attachment in Psychotherapy

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 Why anonymous pseudo-names?

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Why anonymous pseudo-names?  Empty
PostSubject: Why anonymous pseudo-names?    Why anonymous pseudo-names?  Empty18/07/13, 07:55 pm

The reason for anonymity is so that clients/patients are not impinged upon unnecessarily when they search for you on the internet. Reading your therapist's posts about attachments in psychotherapy in which you have probably used words that you would be careful not to use when working with your client - and for good reason - can be deeply upsetting when the client her/himself struggles with the attachment to you (the therapist).  

Hearing ones therapist talk about other clients/patients being attached to you can also be very hard. On the BACP website you can find many complaints that lead back to issues around attachment and the therapists misattunement towards (at times total unawareness of) the client's attachment wounds; tragically leading one woman to take her own life. 

The main reason for anonymity on the forum is therefore to protect the client/patient as much as possible (this too is limited) as well as giving the practitioner a chance to talk freely (not about clients/patients) without having to worry about how it may effect their status.

Attachment in Psychotherapy is not just a name for a forum, or a theory to be talked about or an unconscious game to be played out with clients; we as practitioners hold a lot of responsibility when working on such a deep level and the forum strives to keep clients/patients safe were possible.
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Why anonymous pseudo-names?
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